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How does Foursquare affect our relationship with places and brands?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using the Foursquare application on my iPhone, “checking in” at each location once I arrive. This geo-locator application now has a following of over 3 million, but I hadn’t given much thought to using it until I heard you get could get coupons. I’m all about a good deal.

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Pester Power: Designing for Kids

It’s back to school time and consumers are shopping for clothes, shoes, and school supplies in preparation for the classroom. But who is actually deciding what to buy, kids or their parents?

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Innovation Overload

Innovation is critical to retail. No matter what you’re selling.

During recent tough economic times, virtual connectivity and product information seem to have become the main focus for many retailers.

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The New Happy Hour 

The nature of bars and clubs, and the expectations of their patrons, has changed over the years. The days of Cheers are long gone. Back then, bars were purely for alcoholic consumption and you were lucky if you got some peanuts or chips at the bar.

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The Aesthetics of Social Responsibility

Our retail practice has been buzzing about this New York Times article for several weeks now. Aptly titled “But Will It Make You Happy?” its author describes the shift in consumer priorities away from material possessions and toward more fulfilling experiences that create memories rather than superficial status.

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