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What Is Your Social Brand?

What's your social brand? As business and strategies evolve to respond to economic conditions, so must your brand. Part of this evolution is to develop your company’s Social Branding. Social Branding looks at a company's commitment, communications, connectivity and creativity in the following areas:

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Face-to-Face with Arne Sorenson

On Tuesday, July 13, Arne Sorenson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Marriott International, Inc. visited Gensler’s DC office for a “Face-to-Face” discussion with Doug Fruehling, editor of the Washington Business Journal (WBJ). The event was part of a series co-hosted by WBJ and Gensler, and more than 100 members of the hospitality, design, consulting, and real estate industries were in attendance.

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The Space Between

We bank customers generally enter bank branches with a very specific motive: to cash or deposit a check, visit a safe deposit box, sign a document, etc. We often don’t want to be interrupted by a sales person but rather just seek the convenience of a quick in-and-out transaction. And increasingly we want to do as much of our banking as we can online or on our mobile phones without interference.

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Creating value from the start

As designers, we’re constantly challenged to devise multi-functional, engaging, and effective programs under tight budget restraints. At the same time, fabricators are challenged to deliver high quality products for less cost and are often forced to use value engineering to meet budget expectations late in the game.

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