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Airport Retail Takes Off

Unlike traditional malls where consumers typically go with shopping as their primary purpose, people are usually at an airport because they are traveling or because they work at the airport and shopping is secondary. But, retail at the airport is increasingly important. Since 9/11, we are limited in what we can carry in our luggage and we end up having to buy last minute amenities. More extensive security policies mean we have to arrive at the airport much earlier than in the past, too, so we have more time to spend in the terminal – eating, shopping, connecting, or simply taking a moment to relax. And reduced food and beverage options on the planes themselves mean we want more options in the terminal, packed neatly for carry-on.

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Product Runway: Where Seattle Architects Show Their Fashion Flair

On June 3rd, Seattle architecture firms will compete head-to-head, not to design a building, but to build a designer dress à la “Project Runway” using interior finish materials. Now I’m not one to drool over high fashion or even get excited by a glimpse of Manolo Blahniks through a store window, but architecture services are what I market every day, so this is definitely my bag, baby.

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Gensler Gets Fashion Forward

© Laura Schmits
Gensler’s San Francisco office is currently hosting Fashion Unraveled: Moving Beyond the Bolt, the latest installment of the 2011 Art Programme. Inspired by Stina Persson’s world renowned illustration work, and the recent Discarded to Divine exhibit, we wanted to take a deeper look at the entire fashion design process.

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