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Who Defines Your Brand, Anyway?

Airbnb headquarters. Image © Gensler.

How do you define a brand’s value? And who, ultimately, defines it? Despite common belief, a brand's value is not determined by how well its assets are engineered in a design studio or marketing department. In fact, overtly contrived marketing or branding strategies are unlikely to survive in any of today's increasingly competitive marketplaces. Instead, they require real world influence and application. The assets must be felt, either physically or emotionally, for its audience to assign the brand value and determine its worth. To quote the legendary Walter Landor, a pioneer in the world of branding: “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Essentially, consumers define brands, not the other way around.

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Stores Must Learn to Think Like Facebook

Cadillac House. Image © Gensler

Constant connectivity means people’s attentions are constantly divided, and the erosion of work-life balance has made free time more valuable than ever. As a result, people have divided their shopping habits into the “needs” and the “wants.” We source our needs online, saving our valuable free time for the wants. More often than not, the wants are experiences and not things.

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Cadillac House combines design, art and fashion in a celebration of NYC’s creative culture

The Gensler designed Cadillac House opens this week, and this recent CoolHunting article interviews Gensler’s John Bricker about the project and gives a peek into the concept and the team’s creative process.

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Deep Engagement: Seamless, Immersive and Interactive Experiences

Image @ Flickr user Thomas Wensing

If a day goes by when I don’t talk to a client about how to make interactions with their brand seamless, immersive or interactive, it’s been a pretty weird day. No one wants to just talk about themselves anymore. We want to find ways to really connect with people deeply over time and to have living brand moments every day. These ideas are at the heart of forming lasting brand-people relationships, but I find that as much as the words are used, they’re also pretty abused. Why?

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Turning Gratitude into Great Design: How to Infuse Institutional Character into Your School’s Donor Recognition Spaces

Dwight Englewood Hajjar STEM Center © Garrett Rowland

As public funding for schools and cultural institutions grows scanter and scanter, financial gifts from alumni and other donors have become paramount to ensuring budgets stay in the black. Maintaining a healthy influx of outside contributions quite often determines whether annual initiatives stay afloat or fall by the wayside, and this new reality shows no signs of changing in the near or distant future. To maintain forward momentum, schools, museums, and other cultural institutions must consistently plan and execute effective fundraising campaigns.

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