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Turning Gratitude into Great Design: How to Infuse Institutional Character into Your School’s Donor Recognition Spaces

Dwight Englewood Hajjar STEM Center © Garrett Rowland

As public funding for schools and cultural institutions grows scanter and scanter, financial gifts from alumni and other donors have become paramount to ensuring budgets stay in the black. Maintaining a healthy influx of outside contributions quite often determines whether annual initiatives stay afloat or fall by the wayside, and this new reality shows no signs of changing in the near or distant future. To maintain forward momentum, schools, museums, and other cultural institutions must consistently plan and execute effective fundraising campaigns.

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Would You Like Fries with That?

Byron burgers uses a variety of bespoke graphics and interiors.

My favourite thing about London is the variety of food you can find within the city. Long gone are the popular days of the almighty Golden Arches. Instead a new food trend has hit the streets. Much like there’s a Starbucks on every corner, there are now artisan burger joints peppered throughout the capital. Our favorite fast food has graduated to a higher level of prestige and the results are mouth-watering!

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The Revitalization of Brookfield Place

The new Brookfield Place. Image © Gensler

The area of Wall Street and city hall has always skewed utilitarian. It’s never catered to the leisure and fashion-oriented crowd, or given tourists a reason to traipse south to upgrade their wardrobes. But this long-held stereotype of our city’s financial district is set to change with the opening of Brookfield Place this Thursday.

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The Paradox of People

Image © Ben Weis

I don’t really mind my commute.

As a passenger in a two-person carpool, I get to look out the window at the scenery of D.C.—how many people get that look at the Lincoln and Washington monuments heading in every day?— and spend a few extra minutes with my driver-husband while he maneuvers the city streets and terrible drivers from Maryland. (Sorry, local jab.)

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Win or Lose? Factors of Engagement with Sports Brands

Image © Gensler

Whenever my husband and I travel outside of the United States, we like to play a game called “count the American sports logos.” On our last trip to Italy, we spied over 50, including those of the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Los Angeles Lakers, and to our surprise, the Washington Wizards (we saw a full-on official John Wall Washington Wizards jersey). But the ones we saw the most belonged to the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys. Surprise, surprise.

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