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Brand Engagement: Brand at Work

Mars Food Headquarters, Rancho Dominguez, California. Image © Gensler.

When you ask someone what their favorite brand is, they often respond with an answer that represents a product they’ve bought or a business they’ve patronized. Amazon, Starbucks, and Lowe’s are a few of my personal favorite retail brands that many participants also identified as their favorites in our 2013 Gensler Brand Engagement Survey.

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Brand Engagement: Involve Me and I Understand

Brands that involve customers in two-way conversation can spark emotion and engagement. Image © Gensler

One thing that’s clear from Gensler’s 2013 Brand Engagement survey: high-emotion consumers will have more connection to a brand than low-emotion consumers. And connection leads to commitment: 94% of survey respondents said they would recommend a favorite brand to friends and family, and more than half said they would be “devastated” if a favorite brand went away. But why do we have such strong emotions about brands? I thought about the old proverb, often used in the context of education: “Tell me, and I forget. Show me, and I remember. Involve me, and I understand.”

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Brand Engagement: Designing Experiences with Emotion

The ColorPlus store in Bangalore, India, breathes life into the culture and craftsmanship of the brand. Photo by Prasad Durga, © Gensler.

Engagement has become a big buzzword in the brand world. How is engagement defined? How is it measured? There can be many variables depending on who’s involved so these questions require some thought. At Gensler, we stay focused on the consumer, the end user – engagement is a very human word, after all. To me, the consumer is “engaged” when he feels like a brand truly understands him. The brand knows what that consumer needs and wants, and delivers on that. The moment when you realize someone understands you often comes as a surprise, and it’s that moment that can seal a solid relationship. Buzzword or not, this connection is critical for brands who want to stand out in our crowded world.

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Brand Engagement: Customers as really good friends

Image © Gensler

What’s your favorite brand? Think about it for a moment: there are probably a couple favorites that are so integrated in your life that their absence would actually be quite noticeable – maybe even sorrowful! For me, it’s the visit to Starbucks that kick-starts my day. It’s like the friend I can rely on to be there when I need her, always making me feel better, making my day feel more complete. I’d be lost without her.

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It’s a Brand New World: Department Stores

Image © Charlie Mayer Photography

I recently posted a blog entitled It’s a Brand New World , where I discussed the need for multi-line retailers to express their own compelling brand identity in an increasingly loud vendor shop environment. Gensler's recent remodel of the Neiman Marcus Bal Harbour store dramatically accomplishes this goal in a unique and unexpected way.

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