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Touring the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago  

Image © Gensler

In the spring of 2012, Gensler was approached by the American Red Cross to infuse brand awareness into their existing regional headquarters in Chicago. Visitors tour the space daily and the Red Cross wanted a fun, yet informative way to visually tell their story and honor the generosity of their donors and volunteers. We kicked off the project with a visioning session to better understand who the American Red Cross is; they did not disappoint. The Red Cross is best known for their disaster relief and blood drives, but their services extend far beyond that. This design project was an opportunity to get that message across.

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It’s a BRAND New World

Image © Gensler

During the recent recession, retailers developed private label brands to improve margins, wrecking havoc on manufacturer brands that were competing for market share. Despite the widespread difficulties for retailers during this period, retailer in-house brands blossomed. Just five years later, in many areas of retail this trend has been largely reversed. Market brands are back in a big way.

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The Democratization of Design

Photo courtesy of Gensler.

JCP’s current transformation from a non-descript sales experience to a marketplace of delightful branded shops is just the latest example of how design is no longer the bastion of the wealthy and exclusive.

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