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Brand Engagement: Customers as really good friends

Image © Gensler

What’s your favorite brand? Think about it for a moment: there are probably a couple favorites that are so integrated in your life that their absence would actually be quite noticeable – maybe even sorrowful! For me, it’s the visit to Starbucks that kick-starts my day. It’s like the friend I can rely on to be there when I need her, always making me feel better, making my day feel more complete. I’d be lost without her.

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Are your customers engaged with your brand?

Image source: Flickr user captcreate

Brand engagement is a popular word these days. I typically use it to refer to how and why a consumer is connected to a brand, but with the prevalence of social media, mobile commerce, and online everything-everywhere, the way those connections are formed has evolved, and they’re scrutinized now more than ever before. What engagement really means – and how it’s measured – becomes a bigger question mark.

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