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Brand Design: We Just Can't Shake It

Image © Gensler

Design is personal. It is created by people, not corporations. You know this; we love this! Some could even call us obsessed. Companies aspire to create meaningful connections with employees and customers through their brands. We know the feeling: we’ve got a serious relationship with design, and we’re in it for good. We’re constantly thinking about what inspires long-lasting connections, and we know that design has the power to play a starring role. Design feeds our quirks, habits, compulsions, and designery-ness. It fuels our passion for doing great work with awesome clients.

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Better Your Brand by Turning Heads

The question that I hear retailers ask again and again these days is "How can I compete in an environment where consumers have the option of buying merchandise online from the comfort of their own homes?" That issue has been on the horizon since the advent of the Internet age in which we live in, and it’s up to designers like us to find an answer.

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Are your customers engaged with your brand?

Image source: Flickr user captcreate

Brand engagement is a popular word these days. I typically use it to refer to how and why a consumer is connected to a brand, but with the prevalence of social media, mobile commerce, and online everything-everywhere, the way those connections are formed has evolved, and they’re scrutinized now more than ever before. What engagement really means – and how it’s measured – becomes a bigger question mark.

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Are you there Carrie Bradshaw? It's me, Lara...

Images courtesy of Target, Neiman Marcus and Time Warner Cable.

Last week’s news of the Target/Neiman Marcus partnership no doubt had every girl twirling with glee around her 5th floor walkup with glee (albeit carefully so as to not knock over anything in her 250 sq ft apartment).

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The New Art of Persuasion: Brands That Help You Improve Your Life

My wrist reminded me to run yesterday. And my other wrist teamed up with my shoe to measure how far and fast I went. Meanwhile my music app egged me on with up-tempo tunes.

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