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Entries in Consumer Insights Series (8)


Defining the Brand, Part 2

Topshop’s Photo Me booth. Image © Ryan Gobuty

In last week’s post, we examined the way brands are starting to define themselves differently in response to evolving consumer preferences. The e-commerce and social media revolution and the rise of digital technologies run with the consumer expectations and bring different opportunities to the shopping community.

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Defining the Brand, Part 1

Image © Doug Wittnebel

With the pervasiveness of brand fatigue these days, consumers are feeling less loyal to brands than ever.

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Gensler’s Consumer Insights Series: The Future is Now

Image © Ryan Gobuty

Bracelets that project graphical interfaces directly onto a user’s skin. Customer-service systems that utilize drones. Efficient electronic payment systems devoid of any physical currency. The arrival of Gen Z.

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