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Watching the Games in VR: A Fully Immersive Experience

A virtual, 360-degree stereoscopic view of LAFC Stadium. Image © Gensler

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marks the first time the Olympics will be shot in virtual reality, allowing anyone with a compatible Samsung smartphone and VR headset to watch the games virtually, in a fully immersive, 360-degree experience. But this is just the beginning.

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Going for Gold: Has London’s 2012 Legacy Redefined Olympic Success?

The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Image courtesy of mariusz kluzniak via flickr.

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games now in full swing, the world is focused on Rio to witness two-weeks of 42 different sports and over 300 events. Underpinned by inspiring architecture, the Olympic Games allow host cities to showcase their country, capture worldwide attention and celebrate human spirit, but the real evaluation of the event’s true success kicks in long after the final medal has been awarded.

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