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How to Create Self-Actualizing Experiences for Customers: A Gensler Interview with Chip Conley 

Chip Conley founded Joie de Vivre Hospitality in 1987 in San Francisco, Calif., and under his leadership, which stresses a business model based on finding customers’ latent needs and addressing them, the company has grown to become the second biggest boutique hotel business in the United States.

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The Opposite of Sacrifice

Photo courtesy of Clean the World.

As recently as five years ago while working in Florida, it often felt like a struggle just to recycle white paper. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover at the third annual Green Lodging & Hospitality Conference in Orlando a few weeks ago, that hotels from all over the region are now pushing to be as green as possible.

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Airport Retail Takes Off

Unlike traditional malls where consumers typically go with shopping as their primary purpose, people are usually at an airport because they are traveling or because they work at the airport and shopping is secondary. But, retail at the airport is increasingly important. Since 9/11, we are limited in what we can carry in our luggage and we end up having to buy last minute amenities. More extensive security policies mean we have to arrive at the airport much earlier than in the past, too, so we have more time to spend in the terminal – eating, shopping, connecting, or simply taking a moment to relax. And reduced food and beverage options on the planes themselves mean we want more options in the terminal, packed neatly for carry-on.

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A Casual Concern

© StephanPyles.com

High-end restaurants used to be an "event." The eatery was the destination, and you dressed to the nines, donning your pearls and shining your shoes.

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Welcome Change: Reinvesting in Hotels

Earlier this month I participated in a panel discussion that asked “Capital Expenditures: A Design for Pinching Pennies or Spending for Recovery?” at New York University’s Hospitality Investment Conference. While our hotel clients are always seeking smart, sustainable, economical designs that maximize ROI, I definitely answer that question with “spending for recovery!”

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