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Hug Your Customers, Embrace Your Data and Have Fun: A Gensler Interview with Jack Mitchell 

As CEO of the Mitchells Family of Stores, which is one of the country’s most respected upper end clothing store chains, Jack Mitchell and members of his third generation family--nine of his family members are actively working at the company--have created a unique business philosophy in which top-tier customer service and strong relationships with your employees are valued above all else. That may seem a bit clichéd at first, but it has helped the Mitchells build a business in which 70 percent of the transactions are conducted at regular price as opposed to at a discount.

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Dialogues with Gensler: Virtual Retail-ity

The act of shopping has become a virtual, anytime/anywhere interaction, personalized by each individual. How is this change in product engagement shaping the physical environment of the retail store? Is the bricks and mortar store an obsolete concept? Or will the need for community and shared experience create a rallying point around place in a more vital way than ever before? Join us.

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Innovation Overload

Innovation is critical to retail. No matter what you’re selling.

During recent tough economic times, virtual connectivity and product information seem to have become the main focus for many retailers.

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What Is Your Social Brand?

What's your social brand? As business and strategies evolve to respond to economic conditions, so must your brand. Part of this evolution is to develop your company’s Social Branding. Social Branding looks at a company's commitment, communications, connectivity and creativity in the following areas:

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The Space Between

We bank customers generally enter bank branches with a very specific motive: to cash or deposit a check, visit a safe deposit box, sign a document, etc. We often don’t want to be interrupted by a sales person but rather just seek the convenience of a quick in-and-out transaction. And increasingly we want to do as much of our banking as we can online or on our mobile phones without interference.

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