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More Than a Transaction: Reaching Consumers Through Meaningful Experiences

Cadillac House. Photo: Eric Laignel.

The need for speed? I get it. We’re so busy with today’s pace of modern life that we typically look for the easiest solutions. With shopping, there’s more opportunity and acceptance for us to buy online and make our lives easier. But there is an inherent drawback to speed and convenience – a lack of the personal experience. Sure, flying over the Rocky Mountains at 500 miles per hour is efficient, but it’s not a great way to experience the beauty of a golden aspen grove, or the tingling sensation from dipping your toes into an ice-cold stream.

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A Pop Up with Purpose

The Heifer pop-up at Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco, Calif. Designed by Gensler.

‘Tis the season for giving and buying—and, of course, the now-ubiquitous pop-up shop. Once considered disruptive, pop-ups are now the new normal, as brands from all sectors compete to find new, clever and “cool” ways to capture the attention of the next-gen shopper.

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