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San Francisco’s Union Square: From Instamatic to Instagram

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Anthony G. Reyes

As Herb Caen, San Francisco’s famous columnist once wrote, “It is hard to stay depressed in San Francisco, on a crisp November afternoon, with flowers and pretzels for sale on the street corners and the tourists going Instamatically mad at the bright wonder of it all. We are so lucky to have a proper downtown, where people can parade.”

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The “New Hybrid” Experience: Beyond the Mall

The Hub on Causeway. Image © Gensler

The convergence of the physical and digital worlds has revolutionized our lives and has reshaped how we live, work, play and shop. Various elements of our lives are now better integrated, and shopping is no longer a standalone activity. Consumers expect more from retailers and brands than ever before. As landlords, developers and designers think about the future, we need to start thinking differently. It is not enough to simply evolve the concept of the shopping center. There is a distinct need to make a fundamental and transformational shift to a “New Hybrid” experience.

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More Than a Mall: A Collection of Experiences

Eastridge Center 2017 – A Pacific Retail Property.

Nestled in the heart of San Jose, California, Eastridge is one of Silicon Valley’s largest shopping destinations, with nearly 1.4 million square feet of retail space. Like many American malls, Eastridge needed an upgrade that would reflect its locale, connect with customers in new ways, and transform the 45-year-old enclosed shopping center into an immersive lifestyle destination.

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Visualizing a New Life for the Retail Center: Transforming Assets with Virtual Reality 

The Galleria at White Plains. Image © Gensler

The retail center is a fascinating typology because it is metabolic and constantly changing. Many buildings look their best on opening day and then age and decay until demolition or renovation. The retail center is different in that it reinvents itself with each new merchant’s arrival. It’s a collage of brands, aesthetics and personalities relating together to create one destination.

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Mapping Presence in Virtual Reality Environments 

Image © Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Many industries rely heavily on data to inform business and design decisions. E-commerce sites track shoppers online. Brick and mortar stores use surveillance cameras to monitor shopper activity. Post-occupancy surveys measure comfort and satisfaction in built projects, from professional services firms to corporate campuses.

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