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From Emerging to Established: Spotlight on Mexico’s Booming Luxury Market

El Palacio’s department store in Querétaro’s Antea Mall won an award of merit at the Retail Design Institute’s 44th International Store Design Awards in New York Jan. 12. The store has also been named a finalist for the 2015 the A.R.E. Design Awards. Image © Charlie Mayer

In terms of the luxury fashion industry, Mexico can no longer be referred to as an emerging market. The country boasts Latin America’s second largest economy and is now an established and consequential player within the global fashion economy.

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Using Urban Design Principles to Improve a Mall

Image © Gensler

I have always been an urban designer. It is my passion to design towns and cities and bring the right environment to people. But one morning in November 2008, my studio principal came to me with a new project: a retail center.

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Reinvigorate Your Department Store with a Food Hall

Images courtesy of John Naranjo

Department stores, which once represented the apex of the American consumer experience, are in need of reinvigoration. Shoppers are skipping traditional stalwarts to shop at individual boutiques or online. To lure customers back, American department stores would be wise to take a cue from their international counterparts and integrate food halls into their spaces.

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Vibrant Communities

Image © Gensler

In my continued exploration of place making and its relationship to retail real estate, I am excited to be involved with two keynote conversations at this year’s ICSC CenterBuild and RetailGreen conferences, which will take place in early December in Phoenix, Ariz.

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Instancy Retail

Photo credit: Gensler

In today’s retail landscape, we are experiencing an exciting new retail movement that will add value, relevance and unique store-within-a-store destinations to the department store of tomorrow. I have coined this movement Instancy Retail.

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