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Entries in retail trends 2014 (4)


Retail Forecast: Retail Trucks and Pop-Up Stores

Image © Gensler

Retail without a fixed address: That’s a concept most people never thought they would see come to fruition. After all, we tend to associate retail with urban blocks dedicated to commerce and suburban malls offering myriad stores under one roof. And fixed addresses are an inherent component of each of those retail paradigms.

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Retail Forecast: Value from Experience

Dylan's Candy Bar in Miami Beach, Fl. Image © Gensler

There was a time in the not so distant past when retailers could lure customers to their stores just by offering good deals. Fifty percent off, buy-one-get-one-free, free shipping. These were some of the enticements retailers used to get bring customers to the store.

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Retail Forecast: The Influx of Foreign Brands

British retailer Topshop's store at The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. Image © Gensler

For the past half-century, America has exported its most iconic brands overseas. Thanks to this trend Parisians can enjoy a quarter pounder with cheese (or Royale with Cheese) at the local McDonalds and Singaporeans can purchase 1969 jeans from the Gap. By opening physical stores in cities around the world, American brands grabbed market share and cultivated loyalty with new customer bases. Such arrangements benefitted all involved parties, and because of this success American companies continue to look for new markets where further expansion is possible.

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Retail Forecast: The Downsizing of Retail

McEvoy Ranch. Image © Sherman Takata

As it turns out, retail is not immune to the “paradox of choice.” My recent interactions with retailers, and the consumers they seek to serve, have illuminated a very interesting trend: People have become overwhelmed with the number of choices available to them, and they want retailers to narrow down the options for them.

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