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Green Retail: No Time Like the Present

Most retailers are still facing a tough economy, reduced expansion plans and diminished staff. Doing more with less is likely to be a trend for the next few years in retail facility design and construction.

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A First Look at Waitrose Cookery School

Waitrose are about to become the first UK supermarket to open and operate a cookery school – and it’s a great example of a brand who are pushing into ever more original multi-channel retailing as a way of expressing their personality.

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Dialogues with Gensler: Virtual Retail-ity

The act of shopping has become a virtual, anytime/anywhere interaction, personalized by each individual. How is this change in product engagement shaping the physical environment of the retail store? Is the bricks and mortar store an obsolete concept? Or will the need for community and shared experience create a rallying point around place in a more vital way than ever before? Join us.

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Building Trust... in a Building

Thanks to smartphones and mobile technology, we consumers increasingly manage transactions online and with hand-held devices, and rarely go into the bank anymore. Simultaneously due to the down economy, we trust big bankers less than ever before. So what does that physical space in the bank become?

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Tales from the Tramshed

On September 23rd, Jon Tollit – a principal in Gensler’s London office and co-leader of the firm’s retail practice – participated in a panel discussion of Augmented Reality and the Future of Online Retail at Tramshed Live, an exhibition at this year’s London Design Festival.

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