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Innovation Overload

Innovation is critical to retail. No matter what you’re selling.

During recent tough economic times, virtual connectivity and product information seem to have become the main focus for many retailers.

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The Aesthetics of Social Responsibility

Our retail practice has been buzzing about this New York Times article for several weeks now. Aptly titled “But Will It Make You Happy?” its author describes the shift in consumer priorities away from material possessions and toward more fulfilling experiences that create memories rather than superficial status.

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The Space Between

We bank customers generally enter bank branches with a very specific motive: to cash or deposit a check, visit a safe deposit box, sign a document, etc. We often don’t want to be interrupted by a sales person but rather just seek the convenience of a quick in-and-out transaction. And increasingly we want to do as much of our banking as we can online or on our mobile phones without interference.

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