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Retail Trends: Designing for Experience, Regionality and ‘Dwell Time’ 

El Palacio de Hierro Flagship, Polanco. Photo © Paul Rivera.

We spoke with Kate Russell, Kathleen Jordan and Michael Gatti, retail trend-casters in Gensler’s New York office, about what is influencing the retail industry and how design can delight the customer experience.

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Five Ways to be Authentic in Retail 

Primark Flagship, King of Prussia, PA. Image © John Muggenborg, courtesy of Gensler

Authenticity. Millennials consumers and NextGen entrepreneurs are demanding it. Clients are on the hunt for it. Designers are trying to define it. Conveying genuine, unmediated values in a world saturated with information has become a critical means of survival for each and every brand. As designers, it’s our job to help define what authenticity is for each client we work with. And while no two brands are alike, there are five major ways brands can aim to authentically represent themselves and connect to consumers.

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Lifestyle Sells, Smart Spaces and Other Lessons from London’s Retail Design Expo

From L-R: Chloe Muir and Kseniya Sharin at this year’s Retail Design Expo. Image © Gensler.

As retail designers, it’s fundamental to take a holistic approach to creating a carefully curated retail experience that embodies cultural trends, consumer behavior and aesthetics. This was a recurring theme of the Retail Design Expo at Kensington Olympia, London, which included an influx of talks, seminars and vendors exhibiting the latest in retail materials and digital components.

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Fast Fashion: Costing the Earth?

By Hannah Morgan, Unsplash

Clearing out your wardrobe is one of those dreaded tasks. It often gets pushed to the side with an “I’ll do it next week” sort-of attitude. Our closets practically burst at the seams, yet we remain convinced we have nothing to wear and attempt to squeeze into an outfit three sizes too small.

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The Top Retail Trends of Interest 2015

Heywood Chan / Gensler

As 2015 draws to a close, let’s not forget the exciting retail trends we saw take hold in a year otherwise marked by cultural transformation and an atypically crazy political cycle.

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