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The Collison of Digital and Physical Design In Retail

The Harman Flagship in NYC. Image © Chris Payne

In a future inevitably driven by our increasing connectedness to digital technologies, how will customers choose to shop? And how will we as designers still manage to bring value to retailers by imagining their physical spaces?

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Attracting Gen Z

Is this how you attract Gen Z? Images © Curator, LeLabo, Sosh, Twitch, and Old Spice

How can retailers reach young consumers, from millennials to Gen Z? From user-generated content to avatars, viral videos, gaming, embedded code and “unboxing,” rapid development in technology and changes in consumer needs are leading brands to seek unconventional methods of reaching their target audience.

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New Forms of Payment

Image © Tim Griffith

There is a transformation underway, and not just in how we shop but in how we pay for the items we buy.

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For the People by the People 

Image © Charlie Mayer

The past few generations of American consumers have trended toward eating out more often, outsourcing more work around the house, and buying things ready-made in faraway places by people they don’t know. But the pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction: the gap between the goods we consume and their origins is closing.

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From Emerging to Established: Spotlight on Mexico’s Booming Luxury Market

El Palacio’s department store in Querétaro’s Antea Mall won an award of merit at the Retail Design Institute’s 44th International Store Design Awards in New York Jan. 12. The store has also been named a finalist for the 2015 the A.R.E. Design Awards. Image © Charlie Mayer

In terms of the luxury fashion industry, Mexico can no longer be referred to as an emerging market. The country boasts Latin America’s second largest economy and is now an established and consequential player within the global fashion economy.

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