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The Golden Arches go for the Green

Photo courtesy of Flickr user diamond geezer

Like all things Olympic, I was struck by the imagery of the newest and largest McDonald's that just opened at the Olympic Games this week in London. The innovation of this 32,000 square foot fast food location (the largest in the world) is not just the sheer size and efficiency of serving and seating 1,500 customers by 500 employees, but the aspect that the entire facility will be dismantled after 6 weeks and the majority of materials will be repurposed or recycled. The structure is made primarily of Glulam, timber cladding and wood decking and has been 3 years in planning, design and finally construction, which completed last month. But there is more than an architectural design story here…

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Elements of an ideal stadium (How I would do it):

The Beijing Olympics had one of the most memorable opening ceremonies in recent memory, and the iconic Bird's Nest stadium played a huge role in the production. Photo courtesy of Flickr user J Y F+

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In a Branding Sprint: Competing for your country or your sponsor?

Photo courtesy of Nike

How much should corporate branding, like the Nike swoosh, be a part of Olympic uniform design? Uniform supplier logos have been on jerseys, singlets, shorts, and swimsuits for decades, but gradually the logos have increased in size to the point where they have almost equal billing with the Stars & Stripes, Union Jack, or Drapeau Tricolore. The barrier has eroded between the representation of one’s country and representing one’s sponsors, and when the corporate logo becomes the focal point of uniforms, viewers and Olympians alike may lose true sight of the games.

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From 2 Weeks to 50 Years - Designing Olympic Facilities That Last Beyond the Games

For the next three weeks London's Olympic Stadium will host some of the world's finest athletes. What happens to the structure after that remains to be seen. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mahisgett

Historically, the cities hosting the Summer Olympic Games have a propensity to get caught up trying to convey the forward vision of their nation through non-sustainable venue design. The appeal of having the world's eyes on their city for 16 days sometimes overshadows good judgment, leading to expensive white elephants. A certain "wow factor" has become synonymous with hosting the Olympics, and with this mentality, the long term viability of facilities can be pushed to the wayside.

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Creating collegiate venues, creating memories

When you think back to your college days, what do you remember? Chances are that sports are high on that list and played a big role in your experience either as a student-athlete or a fan. Outside of game time, the venues often get used for orientation, convocations, concerts and other large community gatherings.

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