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When Does LED Work for You?

Image © Gensler/Jasper Sanidad.

This article expands on ideas presented in the 23rd edition of Gensler’s Dialogue magazine, which explores the intersection of cities, brands, and consumers. Click here to view Dialogue 23 online.

The LED fixture industry is one of the fastest growing technologies that currently affects renovation and design projects undertaken by businesses and other organizations. But any organization considering LED for its building(s) has many questions to address: How do you choose a fixture? When is it appropriate to abandon older technologies? Halide, fluorescent, or incandescent? Are they worth it?

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The Opposite of Sacrifice

Photo courtesy of Clean the World.

As recently as five years ago while working in Florida, it often felt like a struggle just to recycle white paper. So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover at the third annual Green Lodging & Hospitality Conference in Orlando a few weeks ago, that hotels from all over the region are now pushing to be as green as possible.

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Metal Wood Rocks

Maybe it's because I'm from the Pacific Northwest and often get homesick for the region’s amazing air, water and trees, but out in the world, anything that resembles trees always seems to catch my eye – even if it’s not wood at all.

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Rethinking the Role of an Athletic Facility

Gensler recently had the opportunity to help George Washington University (GWU) renovate and re-design the Charles E. Smith Center. Located at the heart of GWU’s Washington, D.C., campus, the 32-year-old building plays an integral part in the student experience. It is where students start their college career at orientation, celebrate its conclusion at graduation, and cheer on the university’s Division I sports team in between. It is also a place where faculty and administrators entertain potential donors and host special events that reflect GW’s standing as a top-tier academic institution.

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How Green is Your DNA?

In the recent past, it seemed like every retailer tossed a few recycled materials into their store, posted a corporate responsibility statement on their website, or hung a community board in the back of their store and claimed to be green and sustainable. While these efforts were recognized and commended, it quickly became clear that they didn't reveal a company’s true core values. So customers started lifting the green veil from retailers’ faces to try and find the color of their DNA.

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