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The Set List: Rapid Retail When time-strapped consumers want something, they want it straight away.

[©Tobias Zils] Whether in store of online how are retailers trying to keep up with the demands of their impatient customers.

Many aspects of retailing are getting faster. Not only the speed to market of a new product (fast fashion, for example); or online fulfilment (such as experimentation with drone delivery), but also in the way we’re interacting with and experiencing the physical retail experience. As one of the earlier blogs in our series has identified, our busy lives are fostering the growth of concepts based on speed and convenience in a search for Instant Gratification.

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The Set List: Casual Luxury

© Vêtements Fashion Week Paris automne-hiver 2016-2017

We are at the dawn of a new age of luxury where extravagance and pampering are being defined on new terms. Shifting from dinner jackets, opulence and excess, there is a desire for a more personalised experience, with relaxed dress codes, product transparency, fluid social behaviour rules and most importantly - comfort.

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The Set List: How Will Brands Use the Internet of Things to Help Customers Engage with Products and Services?

Mobile, and increasingly, wearable devices are the primary interfaces through which we connect to everything. Social media, information, data, the web, libraries of music and images, online stores… the list goes on.

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The Set List: Be You

Photo by Chloe Muir

Editor’s note: this blog is the eighth in a series discussing trends and insights into the world around us.

“People are looking to creating a unique identity; they want to put together their own story rather than have someone else tell them.”—Allen Adamson

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The Set List: Fluidity 

Image © Sara Hill

Editor’s note: this blog is the seventh in a series discussing trends and insights into the world around us.

People’s attitudes towards labels of gender, sexuality, family, diversity, and career are becoming more open and undefined. We now know that ‘Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation in US history, eventually comprising of 47% ethnic minorities’, according to Jaclyn Suzuki, creative director of Ziba Design as well as the fact that 81% of them feel like they are negotiating multiple identities’ (Stylus, 2016).

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