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The Set List: Life, Augmented

Image: Ian Robinson

We live in a society where customisation and personalisation are becoming increasingly easy to access, where it’s now possible to filter, improve and enhance our surroundings with the swipe of a finger. How often do we look up during our commute and realise that almost everyone around us is either looking at their smartphone or listening to something through their headphones? Or rather, how often do we look up during our commute, at all?

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Visualizing a New Life for the Retail Center: Transforming Assets with Virtual Reality 

The Galleria at White Plains. Image © Gensler

The retail center is a fascinating typology because it is metabolic and constantly changing. Many buildings look their best on opening day and then age and decay until demolition or renovation. The retail center is different in that it reinvents itself with each new merchant’s arrival. It’s a collage of brands, aesthetics and personalities relating together to create one destination.

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Mapping Presence in Virtual Reality Environments 

Image © Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Many industries rely heavily on data to inform business and design decisions. E-commerce sites track shoppers online. Brick and mortar stores use surveillance cameras to monitor shopper activity. Post-occupancy surveys measure comfort and satisfaction in built projects, from professional services firms to corporate campuses.

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Watching the Games in VR: A Fully Immersive Experience

A virtual, 360-degree stereoscopic view of LAFC Stadium. Image © Gensler

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, marks the first time the Olympics will be shot in virtual reality, allowing anyone with a compatible Samsung smartphone and VR headset to watch the games virtually, in a fully immersive, 360-degree experience. But this is just the beginning.

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Digital Space: No Goggles Required

Keiichi Matsuda. Image courtesy of Meet the Media Guru, via Flickr.

A lot of people (like me) used to think that digital space would be like the brain-frying virtual reality described in William Gibson’s Neuromancer. That novel birthed the pop-culture idea of plugging your consciousness into a digital world and watching the physical realm evaporate. Gibson calls it a “consensual hallucination.” And even thought his vision is 30-years old, it’s as awesome now as it was then.

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