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Retail in India: Complex, Contradictory and Full of Opportunity

Mumbai coastline. Photo: Dhurandar.

In 2017, retailers in Europe are focusing on accelerating change in the business, while a major retail restructuring has been gathering momentum on the American horizon. If you look halfway around the world, a steady rise in consumption has been underway, and is being projected for the next decade in the higher growth economies of China and India (Source: OECD Interim Economic Outlook March 2017).

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Visualizing a New Life for the Retail Center: Transforming Assets with Virtual Reality 

The Galleria at White Plains. Image © Gensler

The retail center is a fascinating typology because it is metabolic and constantly changing. Many buildings look their best on opening day and then age and decay until demolition or renovation. The retail center is different in that it reinvents itself with each new merchant’s arrival. It’s a collage of brands, aesthetics and personalities relating together to create one destination.

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Mapping Presence in Virtual Reality Environments 

Image © Nick Merrick/Hedrich Blessing.

Many industries rely heavily on data to inform business and design decisions. E-commerce sites track shoppers online. Brick and mortar stores use surveillance cameras to monitor shopper activity. Post-occupancy surveys measure comfort and satisfaction in built projects, from professional services firms to corporate campuses.

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Beyond Market Niches: Designing Hotels That Can Flex

Gensler’s Sleep Set 2016 concept. Image © Gensler.

There will always be hotels catering to specific needs. There are hotels for pampering, hostels for the frugal adventurer and business hotels designed for efficiency. And no doubt, these types are likely to exist in the future. But more recently, there’s a shift from accommodating to specific market niches towards places that can adapt to changing moods and activities.

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A New Breed of Fast Fashion Experience in Asia 

Image © Blackstation.

From H&M to Zara, the fast fashion sector has enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years, largely driven by consumer demand for affordable, on-trend clothing. In a world where the retail experience is as important as the product, consumers are craving a more elevated, curated shopping environment, with brands seeking to remain relevant and engage in new ways.

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