Work in Morristown Design Speculation: Co-Revolution

Local Design Leader: BRENDA NYCE-TAYLOR


Morristown, New Jersey is a highly desirable place to live, work and play.  Its central location and accessibility to transportation to and from New York City has led to a large and vibrant community of young, inspired professionals and small but successful businesses. These workers have been raised in a time when social connectivity is fundamental to the workplace, yet they strive from freedom and flexibility.

Workers in 2025 Morristown want and need options to work without being forced to experience the daily commute to the big city. They have battled the monotony of the everyday and found a way to successfully work without the boundaries of a set routine, environment or professional hierarchy.  

A big part of this victory has come through the re-envisioning of the workspace and the establishment of locations in Morristown for co-working. These Revolutionary Headquarters create a space for new workers and professionals branching out on their own to share resources, collaborate in new ways and celebrate their different skills and shared goals.

Co-working spaces are not new to 2025. These types of environments have existed successfully in Morristown since the early 2000’s.  Regus provided office space and executive suites for established companies to enhance their businesses.  Symphony Offices provided private offices, suites and workcenters for employers of all sizes and success. Early co-working spaces featured a cost-effective way of opening a business without the requirement of real-estate overhead and admin support. These spaces lacked three key elements that have been incorporated and enhanced in the new co-working spaces of 2025:

  1. “Social Working”
  2. Town Connection
  3. Shared Interactive Amenities

“Social Working”
Morristown is one of a diverse and eclectic population. Over the years, individuals from all walks of life have called this town their home…

The Co-Revolution workspace is a unique environment that promotes Social Working in a dynamic ecosystem. Each individual coworking space cultivates different types of interactions. The coffee-house vibe provides an opportunity for informal dialogue and fosters an atmosphere of innovation. Spaces like the Work Kitchens encourage networking and collaboration among many diverse organizations. “Daily Events” offer ways for people who to connect both socially as well as professionally.

Town Connection
Morristown continues to develop the infrastructure for becoming a vital hub to northern New Jersey and New York City. Due to the improvement of ease and safety in crossing many of the town’s busier intersections, Morristown as a whole has transformed into a more walkable suburban community.

Conveniently located in the heart of Morristown, the Co-Revolution workspace is an open workspace layout which is positioned on the Ground Floor of the Hyatt hotel and transitions into the adjacent outdoor garden at Headquarters Plaza. It features hardwood floors, full access to digital conference rooms, high-speed Internet, and a full kitchen, along with the bevy of other amenities that no coworking space should be without. The indoor portion of the space was strategically planned to flank the existing retail store in the same way the outdoor space sits next to the Morristown Market on the Plaza. This design provides access to many options for food as well as being in close proximity to other Morristown amenities such as the public performing arts center.

Shared Interactive Amenities
The Co-Revolution workspace provides affordable office space, shared resources, and interactive amenities such as a digital auditorium as well as many different sized conference rooms. In addition to the indoor conference areas, coworkers also have access to the outdoor meeting spaces for a change of scenery while hosting client meetings, etc. There is no such thing as an “executive area” or feeling of hierarchy throughout the Co-Revolution workspace. 

Through the wide array of both individual and collaborative spaces – the Co-Revolution workspace provides the ability to work and mingle alongside cutting-edge social enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs, where collaborators can share ideas, tips, and advice in person. There are training rooms for different organizations to sponsor educational classes and seminars. Front of House Amenities offer features such as a public display for different groups to display their work and/or advertisements.

Our worker is a mobile professional that works regularly from different types of environments, both inside our facility and out on the green.  Daily use of workstations may be required, but access for meeting space with clients and internal meetings is necessary to support and enhance business.  A membership in varying lengths of time can be used to access the facilities – no commitment necessary; this isn’t a cell phone plan. Members can reserve stations, rooms and amenities.  Some amenities are open to the public for town meetings and daily events.  This openness enhances the town connection and provides more opportunity for chance meetings and interactions that spark new ideas and innovation.

The Co-Revolution workspace is designed to attract and engage people to build a real life professional-social network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Whether opening a start-up company, furthering one’s personal career opportunities or using facilities that eliminate a costly and mundane commute, co-working allows for human to human interaction and collaboration accommodating to basic human needs.

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