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Improving Commercial Office Space Through Placemaking

Office spaces that engage employees by creating unique experiences create value and function as a strategic business asset rather than just a workspace. Picture: Airbnb’s headquarters, designed by Gensler. Image © Jasper Sanidad

This post also appears on Convene's blog.

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Turning the Page: Publishers Embrace Open Workspaces and Define a New Era

Image © Hachette New York (C) Kevin Chu + Jessica Paul LLC.

It’s no secret that publishing is undergoing a transition of a magnitude not seen since the days of Guttenberg. Technological upheaval caused by the rise of digital media has impacted the publishing business in profound ways. And this has forced publishing companies to dramatically modify their daily routines. Today, cross-functional teams, impromptu meetings, and lively strategy sessions are part of the daily routine, along with the quiet contemplative work style this industry has previously been known for.

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Boosting STEM Education with Gaming (and Design)

At the Playmaker School in Santa Monica, Calif., design complements the use of video games and other creative approaches to learning STEM. Image © Ryan Gobuty.

The chorus of voices championing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education grows louder by the day. And rightly so. Of the 34 countries that took the most recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test, the U.S. placed 21st in science and 26th in math. Not the kind of results we’ve come to expect from our students.

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The End of Efficiency?

In a hyper-connected and social media oriented workplace, we may soon bear witness to a profound shift of emphasis away from the industry’s touchstone metrics of occupancy/vacancy/density and area per person to new metrics that chart effectiveness, satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace. Image © Ryan Gobuty

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The American Dream in an Urbanized America

As Americans flock to cities in record numbers, debates over ownership versus experience people's personal domain versus their sphere of influence highlight how different generations perceive success and hint at what the future of the American Dream looks like. Image © Gensler

Why are American cities lagging behind their foreign counterparts in providing appealing work and lifestyle options, and will this trend jeopardize the future of the American Dream?

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