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Exploring the Local Technology Scene, Gensler DC Launches Tech Talks  

Gensler's D.C. Office co-hosted the first Tech Talks engagement with AccelerateDC Venture Mentoring Service. Image © Gensler

Last November, Gensler’s Washington, DC office launched Tech Talks, a new series co-hosted with AccelerateDC Venture Mentoring Service that explores issues of people, design, culture and brand in DC technology companies. The goal is to bring together the individuals and organizations that make up DC’s thriving technology industry to discuss why DC is a budding destination for tech companies. The conversations are exploring how cultural trends, spatial design, and brand experience all play in role in successfully running a tech business.

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Business As Unusual: Gensler’s Legal Innovation Lab and the Law Firm of the Future

Image © Gensler

The practice of law is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Over my three- decade career as a designer of law firms, I have watched the industry change in response to specific market trends. Indeed, Gensler’s own research on law firms has highlighted shifts in the legal profession. However, today more than ever before the practice of law is buffeted by unexpected and unpredicted challenges forcing every facet of the industry, from law firms big and small to in-house legal teams, to rethink business as usual.

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Telling Your Story

Image © Gensler

For law firms of all sizes and scope, personality is an essential component of a firm’s DNA. Every firm is unique, and a firm’s individual character, alongside its reputation, is often what differentiates it from competitors and attracts clients and future recruits.

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Fighting Homelessness in Los Angeles

Image © Gensler

Homelessness is a problem that continues to plague cities across the country, and Los Angeles is certainly not immune to this unfortunate condition. Skid Row, a 54-block area in downtown L.A., is the epicenter for the city’s homeless population and has been for quite some time. More than a thousand people sleep here on the street in makeshift cardboard boxes and tents.

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Chance Encounters: The Winning Ticket to the Innovation Lottery? 

“Know your odds before placing an innovation bet. Image © Macaulay Campbell

Every organization seeks innovation in order to differentiate its products and services. But how do you engender more innovation?

One secret to more innovation, at least according to popular press articles and a number of blog musings, is "chance encounters." Chance encounters are those occasions when people who have no scripted reason to be with one another--they may not even know one another--nevertheless find themselves together and end up serendipitously co-creating the Next Big Thing.

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