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Stylex Introduces NYC Lounge Seating  

The NYC line by Stylex blends modern and classic elements into uniquely current, yet timeless, furniture. Pictured above: NYC Wrap-Over. Image © Stylex

Workplaces no longer adhere to a single style. They mix and match a variety of forms in the various conference rooms, suites, and offices that comprise the overall work environment. As such, workplaces must be furnished with pieces that can not only mirror this intrinsic level of diversity but reflect the unique character of each individual space.

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The Wellness Café: Paradigm Shifts in the Indian Corporate Dining Experience

Changing the design of corporate cafeterias can promote employee wellbeing. Image © Garrett Rowland

Having grown up listening to my mum’s controlled yoga counts of inhaling and exhaling while her children downed fruit and vegetable concoctions with regularity, the idea of “what is good for health” is a constant research question at home. In my house and the surrounding community, there’s a culture of sharing tips and recipes aimed at reducing cholesterol and promoting wellness: getting together for Yoga, furious early morning walks or even the laughing club is now seen as essential to leading a healthy lifestyle in India.

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What General Electric’s Move Tells us about the Future of Work in the City  

Cities like Boston are luring companies with the promise of better amenities and easier access to talent. Image © allenran 917

General Electric (GE), one of the most iconic American companies of the past century and a longtime “bellwether of the American economy,” recently announced plans to move its corporate headquarters from suburban Fairfield, Conn., to the heart of downtown Boston. This announcement falls on the heels of CEO Jeffrey R. Immelt predicting that the longtime manufacturing powerhouse will become a “top 10 software company” by the year 2020.

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An Outlook On the Future of Visualization: A Q&A with Scott DeWoody

This rendering of a Mixed-Used/Retail Campus was created in 3ds Max with V-Ray.

Scott DeWoody, Gensler’s Creative Media Leader sat down with GenslerOn to talk about his background in art and animation, how this led to his work at Gensler and the increasingly important role that Virtual and Augmented reality are playing in the architecture and design fields. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

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Aon Makes Transformational Step into the Future

Aon’s new global HQ relocates the firm’s centre of operations from Chicago to the epicentre of the insurance world. Image © Gensler

Anyone visiting the area surrounding the Lloyds Building in the City of London will notice sharply dressed people wandering around with folders. More often than not, these are people brokering insurance packages for clients. Sometimes for niche specialist service providers. Often for insurance world giants like Willis or Aon.

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