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Architects for a Better Tomorrow, Today

Image © AIA

I remember my first brush with politics like it was yesterday. I was in third grade, and there was a nasty rumor going around that then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton wanted to get rid of Nickelodeon. Like any other 8 year-old I couldn’t fathom a president treading on my freedom to watch “The Rugrats” after school each day. That was a power only my parents had, and I didn’t want a governor from Arkansas changing the status quo.

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Gensler Hosts IIDA’s First West Coast Regional Student Design Charrette

Gensler's Newport Beach office. Image © Gensler

Recently, several Gensler team members collaborated with International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) West Coast Chapter members (Northern California, Northern Pacific, Oregon, and Southern California) to conceive and implement the first West Coast Regional Student Design Charrette competition on April 11. The competition was held at the Gensler Newport Beach office. Chris Coldoff, a principal in Gensler’s Los Angeles Office noted, “I remember the first meeting of the West Coast IIDA leadership five years ago in San Francisco when the idea for this charrette competition was born. It’s been a long process to get to this point, pushed forward by passionate leaders across all four West Coast Chapters.”

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Software Shouldn’t Dictate Process

It’s time for a project management solution as unique as your project. Image © Christine Maurer

Gensler’s La Crosse office has created Profection (TM), a web-based, configurable project information management application that helps clients handle large, multifaceted projects from construction to rebranding to standards implementation.

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Stress, Performance and Workplace Design

Are trading floors stressing out financial service professionals? Image © Gensler

Gensler’s Financial Services Firms practice area is investigating the connection between stress, performance, and workplace design—and they’ve focused on a notorious hotbed of stress: the trading floor. The team recently published the first stage of their research, Trading Stress for Wellness. We spoke with research team members Rocco Giannetti, Kimberly Kelly, and Braxton Satterfield to learn more about the project.

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The Value of Repositioning: A Review of Critical Trends and Ideas for Enhancing Building Performance

Gensler's Los Angeles Office. Image © Gensler

Editors’ Note: In late October 2014, a council of architects and designers gathered at the National Association of Real estate Investment Manager’s (NAREIM) Architecture and Engineering Meeting in Chicago to debate new ways real estate may adapt to keep up with the functional and cultural needs of human life. Doug Tichenor, a market analyst in Gensler’s Chicago office, discussed how new function and design can add value to existing core inventory. A version of this article originally ran on NAREIM's website.

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