Connecting the Old-Fashioned Way
Brooks Huston in Consulting, Technology

It’s hard to find any progressive company that isn’t looking at how they can use Web 2.0 to help build their brand and engage clients. For good reason—the reach of social media tools is broad, cost effective, and efficient. I’m involved in a group of next generation leadership at Gensler who meet regularly to discuss ways to broaden our personal networks. And while we see the value of platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others, nothing is quite as effective in building relationships as interacting with other people, live and in person. 

Recognizing this, we recently hosted a networking event in our New York office. We built it around the launch of the office’s latest art installation, “Architecture and Abstraction.” The exhibition, curated by Alexander Glauber of Corporate Art Solutions, features work inspired by both architecture and the architectural process. By acting as common ground for discussion, the pieces of art facilitated interaction.

Social media will only continue to grow and people will become increasingly comfortable with the virtual world as a platform for interaction. But this event left me with the sincere hope that the pendulum doesn’t swing too far in that direction.

Brooks Huston is an Associate in Gensler New York’s Consulting Studio. He began his career as an intern in Gensler’s London office. In his four years Brooks has worked across a broad range of industries from pharmaceuticals to financial services. His focus is helping clients better understand their organization’s work patterns and developing the strategies and communication tools to make effective change. Contact him at
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