What’s that SMELL????? Surviving lunch in the open office…  
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How many change managers does it take to tell you your lunch stinks? A hundred? A thousand? The answer is none, because it’s not about your lunch or my lunch. It feels like a lecture about what other people do. My homemade fermented sauerkraut never smells.

Martha Clarkson at Microsoft recently shared some of their protocol videos with me. These videos upped my happiness score for a whole week! I asked Martha if the Microsoft GWS (Global Workplace Strategy) team would be willing to share their videos with others…and she said yes!

Here’s the one with the stinky lunch…

I couple of weeks ago my wife and I went to see some comedy. The performance reminded me how important it is to laugh about the awkward moments and the things we are afraid to address. It helps us cope and move forward. These mockumetries have the power to do just that.

And stay tuned because in the coming weeks I will post more videos from Microsoft GWS’s Workplace series and discuss their implications for the future of the workplace.

Gervais Tompkin
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