The Challenges We Face in Open Offices
Gervais Tompkin in Consulting, Focus Work, Focus on Focus, San Francisco

Myriad challenges arise in open work spaces.

Thanks again to the Microsoft Global Workplace Strategies (GWS) team for allowing me to share their videos about the problems that arise in open offices! Here are four more. If this is the first of my posts about their videos you’ve checked out, you might want to see this earlier post for my favorite of the videos.

GWS and their Workplace Advantage program seeks to provide work environments that enhance innovation and productivity, provide function based work spaces, attend to human factors and showcase the Microsoft brand & technologies. How does one describe the complex interrelationship between use, space, technology and personal behavior? The answer... video.

Take the call

With non reserved rooms designed for short term use…how do you keep people from just camping out in them, from becoming the office they wish they had?

Cellular decibels

Too bad this video can’t be shown on screens on public transportation! Its wild that people just don’t get it that we don’t want to listen to their phone conversations…

The Great Listener

There are nuances to policies. If there are phone rooms do we need to use them every time we do a phone call? This one pokes fun at corporate culture in a fun, underhanded way.

Take it to the hub

This one could be taken a couple of ways…I like thinking about this as old dogs new tricks. Describes how to use spaces people may not have had in previous work places.

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