Gensler Designed Furniture Line Wins Best of Year Award
Jayson Koback in Furniture, Product Design

The Tuohy WorkStyles furniture line, pictured above, received a Best of Year Award from Interior Design.

WorkStyles Collection, a furniture line designed and developed by Gensler’s Product Design practice and the Tuohy Furniture Corporation, recently received a “Best of Year” award from Interior Design magazine in the “Furniture: Contact/Case Goods” category.

WorkStyles distinguishes itself from competing furniture lines by offering a solution to a problem afflicting many contemporary workspaces: the inability of private offices to utilize space for more than just focus work. Research has shown that all spaces within commercial offices tend to be utilized for heads down focus work and collaboration between two or more employees. But most furniture lines are designed with just focus work in mind.

WorkStyles circumvents this problem by offering a high level of adaptability and customization. The pieces of the collection were designed with the fluid nature of work dynamics in mind, and allow workers to switch from pack work (i.e. group problem solving) to individual focus work with convenience and ease.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tuohy for collaborating with us on this exciting product and to acknowledge the design team responsible for bringing it to fruition.

Gensler Design Team

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