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Work Hard, Play Hard Under One Roof

Image © Gensler

“The fitness center has been thoughtfully designed with everything Symantec was looking for: energy, fun, sophistication, modernity, hospitality, state of the art equipment and technology and inspiration.” - Becky Locke-Laden, Workplace Innovation & Program Development, Symantec

One might argue that wellness in the workplace is a perk – stand up desks, yoga classes, balance ball chairs – all added bonuses aimed to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace and a tactic to attract new talent. However, when mounting evidence shows that sedentary behaviors contribute to numerous life threatening health risks, wellness in the workplace is no longer a perk, but a necessity. Additionally, when exercise and movement is linked to improved productivity, workplace wellness becomes a win-win for all. And when a company goes above and beyond and makes the decision to build its own fitness center, a strategic design plan and the overall goals must be considered.

Image © Gensler

One company that is truly winning in this area is Symantec. Gensler worked with Symantec to design SYMfit Center, the company’s fitness center that recently received two design awards from the IIDA Northern California chapter. The technology company converted approximately 12,000 square feet of existing office space of their Mountain View campus into a center that accomplished the company’s mission: to provide a facility that encourages and supports employee health and wellness.

Image © Gensler

The SYMfit Center includes a group fitness classroom, spinning room, large weight and machine rooms, locker rooms, a massage room, reception and lounge areas as well as offices and support spaces. The fitness center was conceived as not only a place to exercise but also a place to socialize. A bright yellow entry portal was inserted into the generic tilt up exterior concrete walls to draw employees into one of Symantec’s newest amenity spaces.

Movement and energy were the guiding principles in the design for SYMfit. Employees are greeted by a bike wall that references the local bike trails and are pulled through the space via a series of sporty graphics on the floor and the walls that are suggestive of the fitness center’s program offerings.

Image © Gensler

The reception area functions as a multipurpose lounge where employees can gather before a class, watch the big game, or meet for a health and wellness event after hours. Movable furniture and a high top table facilitate these activities, as well as Wi-Fi, hot desking capabilities and complimentary beverages and healthy snacks. The most prominent feature of the space is a lively and undulating ceiling and wall element that flanks the open weight and cardio area as it guides employees toward the spin and group exercise rooms. In addition to weight and cardio equipment, Symantec employees can take advantage of a variety of programs that are offered in the space including group TRX, virtual fitness, yoga, massages and fitness evaluations.

Image © Gensler

Together, the project team of architectural building designers, interior designers, environmental graphic designers and the Construction Manager, SC Builders were able to shape the space into a compelling architectural and interior experience that seamlessly incorporates Symantec’s brand and encourages firm-wide health.

Image © Gensler

Christine Laing is a Principal and Studio Director in our San Jose office. Contact her at Christine_laing@gensler.com.

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