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Millennials Define the Creative Workspace

Facebook's new headquarters in Palo Alto exemplifies a workplace designed to harness Millennials' creativity. Image © Jasper Sanidad

In a recent article published in the Viewpoints, a publication of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, I argue that the current workspace is no longer ruled by a certain type of company or by the desire to set-up shop at a particular location. Instead the Millennial generation is predominantly shaping how we work and how companies interact with their employees.

Companies today are engaged in an intense struggle to retain and attract the most talented people. And a significant number of the “most talented people” are Millennials. This demographic, while similar in size to the now retiring Baby Boomers, crave fluent, creative workspaces as opposed to the buttoned-down, status emphasizing workplaces of old. This is a significant shift from the past, and the companies that understand how this shift manifests in workplace design tend to outpace their competitors in the ongoing war for talent.

As Millennials have matured into a consequential force at the workplace, we’ve learned that space, and the people who design it, must design with people, culture and place in mind. This is the differentiator that will help attract the best employees and, in turn, deliver the highest return.

Read the full article here.

Peter Weingarten
Peter Weingarten is passionate about making great places for people. A native New Yorker living in San Francisco, Peter thrives on dialogue and through his extroverted personality is constantly studying the human condition and how society ticks. His practice as a leader in the development of cities and their architecture allows him to passionately pursue sustainability, urbanity, and the evolution of how people live, work, and play. Contact him at peter_weingarten@gensler.com.

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