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Stylex Introduces NYC Lounge Seating  

The NYC line by Stylex blends modern and classic elements into uniquely current, yet timeless, furniture. Pictured above: NYC Wrap-Over. Image © Stylex

Workplaces no longer adhere to a single style. They mix and match a variety of forms in the various conference rooms, suites, and offices that comprise the overall work environment. As such, workplaces must be furnished with pieces that can not only mirror this intrinsic level of diversity but reflect the unique character of each individual space.

Diversity of style was one of the motivating factors behind NYC, a new modular lounge collection designed through a collaborative partnership between the furniture manufacturer Stylex and the Gensler Product Design group. The line represents our second successful collaboration with Stylex; we previously collaborated with them on the company’s Share line.

Stylex is a mid-Atlantic company that brings a European sensibility to furniture design. Pictured above: NYC Relaxed. Image © Stylex

NYC goes beyond a single line of furniture. The individual pieces are not moored to a single form. Each piece provides a flexible understructure and conveys a well-differentiated mood. Buyers have several forms to choose from. This built-in level of customization mirrors the nature of 21st century workplaces, where real time collaborative teaming and plug and play models of work are increasingly the norm.

NYC comes in four styles: wrap over, standard, relaxed, and loose. The line fuses corporate sophistication and urban casual, speaking to the sensibilities of the executive suite in an easygoing nature. The line’s modular nature enables the kind of versatility contemporary work culture demands.

You can view the entire line at the Stylex website and learn more about this dynamic furniture.

Stylex manufactures all its product within the United States. Pictured above: NYC Standard. Image © Stylex

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