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Sustainability, Culture and Innovation in the Workplace

Image © Gensler

How can organizations reduce waste to make our world a better place? How can a growing company scale culture effectively? Can your office make you more innovative? Gensler has submitted the following panels to the workplace track for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017, and we need your votes to get these panels on the lineup. Read, click, register, thumbs up. It’s that easy!

The Building Diet: Social-Onus in the 21st Century

Etsy’s New York headquarters. Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler.

When you're purchasing food at the grocery store you check the nutrition label, right? The same should be done with our building materials. There are a slew of products that perform well and are inexpensive, but contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your health, and the environment. Join us as we discuss how new social responsibility and sustainability measures that are reforming the design industry by commanding rigorous standards and transparency about materials from which our man-made environments are made.

The proposed speakers—Gensler Principal Amanda Carroll, along with Josh Wise of Etsy, Gary Wilkin of EvensonBest and Diana Budds from Fast Company—will tackle pervasive issues in the furniture and corporate world head on, while exploring how organizations can reduce waste and make our world a better place.

Eager to learn how to go uber green? Vote here!

Naughty & Nice: Strategies for Scaling Culture

Whether your team is four founders or 4,000 people, a strong culture is at the foundation of all great companies. But is it inevitable that once an organization gets to a certain size they are destined to destroy what once made them unique? Not necessarily. The answers lie in a few key principles, daring and discreet, which can live beyond a set of founders to create lasting impact.

The proposed panelists include Gensler Principal Amanda Ramos, Jules Ehrhardt of ustwo, Edrick Dorian of Thriveport, LLC and Liz Stinson of Wired. They will debate and discuss the guiding principles of scaling culture effectively and the new meaning of J.F.D.I. (Just F*cking Do It) in the 21st century.

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Dying to vote for this panel? J.F.D.I right here.

Your Office Will Make You More Innovative!

Can your office make you more innovative? A new study says yes, clearly demonstrating the link between increased employee innovation and a workplace that is well designed and that meets the physical and emotional needs of employees. Our panel of experts across design, human relations, and user experience will take a critical look at the workplace: reconsidering the office in the service of enhancing employee innovation.

Our proposed panelist Janet Pogue McLaurin (Gensler principal), Christine Porath (associate professor at Georgetown University), Sarah Deane (founder of EffectUX) and Allison Kruger (instructor at Stanford University) will provide attendees with a clear understanding of the link between the office and employee innovation, and will take away easy-to-implement strategies to harness innovation in their own workplaces.

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