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Learning from the crazy…

As designers, we frequently exclaim (with complete seriousness and utter confidence), “I really love the feel of the space” or “The space feels really good.”

We are also guilty of talking about design in anthropomorphic terms, saying things like “That building is sexy.”

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You Are My Density: Snow White and the Open Plan Office

Open plan offices have brought new meaning to the saying "whistle while you work."

The contemporary workplace is apparently on a diet. Much lauded in the national press as well as industry publications, you’d be challenged to find any article about office design that doesn’t mention increased density. Whether it’s eradicating private offices, tearing down cubicle walls, or drastically decreasing square footage/person allotments, how low can you go seems to be the newest measure of workplace design success.

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The Promise and Puzzle of Mobile Work

The next time you’re at your desk, emailing or instant messaging coworkers who sit within 30 feet of you, try to remember that like the meeting request sitting in your outbox, the initial communication over history’s first virtual channel was not to share information or insight but simply to request a face-to-face interaction.

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Long Term Solutions to Federal Problems

Most federal agencies are facing unrelenting budget pressure to drastically cut costs and do more with less. Real estate and facilities groups are now tasked with not only meeting short-term housing needs, but also planning for future leasing and space requirements, while reducing their overall footprint and improving agency performance.

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Beta Space: Innovating the Workplace by Going Back to Basics

Amsterdam’s Alphabet Building is a prime example of Beta Space in action.

The idea of sharing office space has been around for over a decade, but only in the past few years has that idea evolved from employees simply sharing contiguous physical space into something much more exciting: coworking. Coworking’s simple tagline: “Working alone sucks, come and join the coworking revolution” says it all, as do the metrics associated with the coworking environment: According to Global Enterprise, an economic think tank based in Brussels, about 87 percent of coworkers start new projects with others they meet in their space. Other statistics from the Global Coworking Study shared by DeskMag, the magazine about new type of work places, indicate that 86 percent have built their business network thanks to coworking, and 57 percent work in teams more often.

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