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Why the Workplace is Still Relevant

Mobile work is becoming so prevalent that many people are questioning the future of the physical office location. But workspaces aren’t going the way of the dinosaur just yet.

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Broadening My Horizons at TED2011

At a talk in San Francisco decades ago, Herbert Muschamp, the famed New York Times architecture critic, said that architects have a responsibility to provide the connective tissue for societies. I agree.

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ME Space to WE Space: An Online Case Study

Last week, I shared some thoughts about the shrinking American workspace and the shift from individual ME spaces to collective WE spaces. This week, I’d like to share a project that illustrates how this phenomenon applies to office design.

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Shaping Serendipity: What we can learn from the cowork movement 

Photo courtesy of NextSpace CoWorking, reprinted with permission.

Ever walk into an office and sense a great disconnect between employees? In the hyper-connected world-of-work, where emails and conference calls keep us constantly plugged in, we often forget that workers still crave face-to-face interaction. Human beings are social creatures, and creativity and socialization go hand-in-hand.

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"Me" Space Versus "We" Space

Ever get the feeling that your workspace is shrinking? Well, you’re probably right. Recently, I spoke with CNN about this topic. And the shrinking trend is only expected to continue.

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