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Pivoting Brands: The “Tech” Label and Why Space Still Matters

Fueled by aspirations to be associated with the digital revolution, many banks, insurance companies and even law firms are strategically identifying their offerings as technology-driven, embracing tech as a core part of their identity. Meanwhile, many tech companies are moving away from this label, acknowledging that technology is simply a medium—not the message—for what they do, and technology alone isn’t a marketplace differentiator.

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Legal Office Planning Trends: Are Law Firms Ready to Work Remotely?

Kaye Scholer © Garrett Rowland, courtesy of Gensler

This article first appeared in NJALA’s April newsletter

Most law firms in New Jersey have been slow to adopt modern office trends. I’m not talking about slick, glossy interiors that look like they belong in a magazine. I’m referring to spaces that have outdated planning metrics and are not adaptable as technology continually evolves. The fact is most of these firms lease more space than they need!

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Headspace: Where Do You Find Yours?

Microsoft London, Image © Hufton and Crow

Of the more popular words that characterise growth in the nine years since the 2008 recession is innovation! The word is all around us. It is used in every industry from automotive, technology and media, to consumer goods, healthcare, government and non-profit. It’s not just an ordinary word, but a value that we identify as cutting edge, disruptive or rebellious, and it’s often demonstrated through a positive benefit, product, service or experience.

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Change by Design: A New Framework for Leading Continuous Change

Image © Eric Laignel.

This post is the second in a series by Gensler’s Consulting practice in Washington, D.C. Read the first document, "The Engaged Employee." Stay tuned for the final post in this series!

Courtesy of a global, networked economy, change now happens faster and with less warning or pattern than ever before. Today, change is the new normal. So how do you harness change as a force for improvement and innovation? How do you create an organization where change is part of its DNA?

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How to Design Transformative Scientific Spaces? Put People First

Moffitt Cancer Center Core Laboratory. Image © Gensler

When you think of a research lab, you might conjure images of sterile equipment and white lab coats—and there is some truth to that picture. Designing research labs requires meticulous attention to the details of equipment planning, environmental health and safety (EH&S) and the processes that support science. While most labs are designed to achieve that basic functionality, a transformational lab environment prioritizes a science organization’s most valuable assets: its people.

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