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Entries in 2016 Workplace Surveys (21)


Show Me the Meaning! Designing the Not-for-Profit Workplace.

Purchased at a local home improvement store, the staff mailboxes at Habitat for Humanity’s Twin Cities headquarters are evocative of the organization’s commitment to improving lives through residential housing. Photo by Jasper Sanidad.

As part of a blog series exploring Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Surveys, this post examines findings specific to the Not-for-Profit sector, and how high performance workplaces support how—and why—people work.

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An Inconvenient Truth for the UK Workplace? 

UBM’s London offices provides balanced spaces that offer concentration, collaboration and socialisation. Image © Dave Parker.

They say timing is everything. Our 2016 UK Workplace Survey (WPS) launched against a backdrop of huge political turmoil in the wake of the EU referendum. The UK’s decision to leave the European Union after 43 years – the so called ‘Brexit’ – polarised the nation, and the press exposed the uncomfortable, but obvious differences between the privileged vs. the less privileged, metropolitan vs. rural dwellers, young vs. old, educated vs. less educated.

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Coworking: More Than Just a Fad

1871, Chicago’s new co-working space, incubator and business accelerator. Image © Gensler.

Even though we have designed coworking spaces in many shapes, uses and sizes for several years, like many others, I’ve kept thinking the fad would eventually end: the novelty would wear off, and we’d have flooded the market with a lot of spaces that remind us of the pre-1999 dot com era landscape.

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Too Much Information: The Unintended Consequences of a Hyper-Connected Workplace

Image © Anna Dziubinska. In a world that’s constantly on the go, how can the office assist in providing employees with the balance they desperately seek?

It’s open season for the workplace.

The UK has one of the highest percentage of open plan work environments in the world, and has, on the surface, appeared used to and comfortable with this way of working for quite some time. Look a little deeper, however, and this may not be entirely true.

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A Workplace Designed for the Innovation Economy

Image © Gensler

Fueled by new technologies, global markets, urbanization and changing demographics, the ability to drive new innovation is becoming an essential requirement for organizations to stay competitive today. The subject of innovation has dominated publications like the Harvard Business Review over the past five years, producing a steady stream of articles on subjects like “how to achieve innovation,” “how to find radical innovation” or “how to use clever collaboration to achieve innovation” every issue. All the signs point to the same realization… disrupt or be disrupted is the ethos of our time.

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