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A New Spirit of Work Life Place

Work places now include spaces and amenities meant to bring the comfort of home to the office. Image © Gensler

The lines between home and work are blurring. Work, lifestyle and community—once disconnected facets—are beginning to overlap, as people around the world are becoming more focused on health and wellness, high-performance, and cultural authenticity. Design must now play catch-up, so that it can support the new ways people want to experience everyday life.

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Maybe the Focus Problem is a Collaboration Problem

In order to enable focus at the office, meetings need to be run in a more effective manner. Image © Gensler

Every week it seems a new article hits newsstands condemning the open office, a system supposedly designed for extroverts which allegedly squanders the potential of introverts. We can all identify with this feeling: the sense that our individual work is under siege by distractions. That’s because it often is. But articles about this subject tend to have a sense of fatality or nostalgia, as if business operations and the economy have condemned us to suffer this loss of focus along with other emotional indignities. That feeling of fatality has been bothering me.

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Vertically Challenged: Stairs, the Final Frontier

The central staircase at Gensler's Washington, D.C., office seamlessly connects the first and second floors, allowing the two separate spaces to almost function as one. Image © Gensler

We workplace strategists and designers have learned how to create office layouts that optimize space utilization, flexibility and efficiency. We maximize the choice of settings in which office workers can go about their business. The layouts work pretty darned well on the horizontal dimensions of a building floor and the time dimension: as tasks morph over the hours of a day, our activity-based designs provide alternative work settings. We provide privacy or connectivity, as appropriate, for focus, collaborative, learning or social activity.

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Total Recall – Back to the Office at Yahoo!

The role of the "human moment" in business performance takes center stage. Photo credit: Gensler

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Inspiring Connection to People, Community and Culture

Photo courtesy of Grind

Every time I hear someone question the growing power of social media, I’m tempted to jump in the conversation with a few salient points: