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Media’s Adaptive Shift: Converged Environments

The Washington Post's nerve center. Image © Garrett Rowland.

Although the term newsroom is still embraced by the media industry, it’s slowly being replaced by the converged environment, and the shift is as much about space as it is about linguistics.

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Planit's New Office: Storytelling Through Physical Space

Image © Michael Moran

Daring storytellers often seek new vehicles for their high-wire narrative feats. Such is the case with Planit, a group of energetic digital storytellers who turned to physical space to help tell their own story. Baltimore-born and unflinchingly colorful, this award-winning communications, marketing and interactive ad agency had been encased in a sleek Class-A office building fronting the city’s Inner Harbor. But Planit is not a sleek Class-A office space kind of company. Planit is a company in which the founders give employees skateboard decks as gifts and staff members continuously find new uses for the company pool table. Corporate they are not.

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Project Spotlight: The Washington Post Reimagines News Media  

The Washington Post's new newsroom. Image © Garrett Rowland

With its click-clacking typewriters and fog of cigarette smoke, the newsroom depicted in All the President’s Men, the Oscar nominated film about The Washington Post’s reporting on the Watergate scandal, hardly seems like the early ancestor of the Post’s current workplace. Yet it was. And the evolution from that Post newsroom to the current version—complete with wafer-thin AV screens, HD video cameras, and an elegant modernity—hinged on what is known as the convergence.

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An Outlook On the Future of Visualization: A Q&A with Scott DeWoody

This rendering of a Mixed-Used/Retail Campus was created in 3ds Max with V-Ray.

Scott DeWoody, Gensler’s Creative Media Leader sat down with GenslerOn to talk about his background in art and animation, how this led to his work at Gensler and the increasingly important role that Virtual and Augmented reality are playing in the architecture and design fields. Below is an excerpt from the conversation.

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