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Stress, Performance and Workplace Design

Are trading floors stressing out financial service professionals? Image © Gensler

Gensler’s Financial Services Firms practice area is investigating the connection between stress, performance, and workplace design—and they’ve focused on a notorious hotbed of stress: the trading floor. The team recently published the first stage of their research, Trading Stress for Wellness. We spoke with research team members Rocco Giannetti, Kimberly Kelly, and Braxton Satterfield to learn more about the project.

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Identity Crisis

When banks adopt environments more akin to technology companies, is this a culture shift? Image © Chad Ziemendorf

We’re seeing an interesting trend among our banking and financial services clients: many think of themselves as tech companies and are increasingly requesting creative and innovate office space reflecting this sense of identity. They are swapping more traditional offices for open-plan workspaces that are more commonly associated with Silicon Valley in order to foster more interaction and collaboration among staff members. Although some banks do have aspects of their businesses that are actually “tech” companies, the desire of banks to do just this raises interesting questions about workspaces and the need to align a company’s workspace and culture.

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Stay Nimble and Expect Change: A Conversation About the Financial Services Industry

Image © Gensler

In the midst of a topsy-turvy economic and financial landscape, corporate real estate (CRE) teams at financial institutions are expected to respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing conditions while demonstrating value in sustainability, speed-to-market, cost reduction and operational efficiency. The challenges and opportunities for CRE teams to deliver on this imperative lays at the heart of Gensler’s 2013 Corporate Real Estate Challenges Survey. We conducted the research to understand the innovative strategies CRE teams are using to manage changing portfolios, and what tools and information they need to perform their jobs more effectively.

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