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Good Design Alone Won’t Eradicate Mindless Meetings 

Image © Wendy Andrew-Doele

Most of our recent workplace designs have dramatically increased the amount of meeting space available to the client. This happens not only because our clients usually ask for such increases, but our utilization studies tend to substantiate the need for more meeting areas. In many ways, building a case for more meeting spaces in the modern (frequently more open) workplace is easy. Yet there is a larger underlying question that goes beyond simple space issues: what type of a collaborative culture is an organization trying to foster? More cool and tech enabled meeting rooms are usually a good thing, but more meetings are usually not. In the research we do—the surveys, focus groups, interviews and other studies—a typical refrain is that there are too many meetings and many meetings are “a waste of time.”

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Chance Encounters: The Winning Ticket to the Innovation Lottery? 

“Know your odds before placing an innovation bet. Image © Macaulay Campbell

Every organization seeks innovation in order to differentiate its products and services. But how do you engender more innovation?

One secret to more innovation, at least according to popular press articles and a number of blog musings, is "chance encounters." Chance encounters are those occasions when people who have no scripted reason to be with one another--they may not even know one another--nevertheless find themselves together and end up serendipitously co-creating the Next Big Thing.

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Best of Both Worlds: Quiet and Collaboration at GSA’s Headquarters

Sound masking technology coupled with thoughtful design mitigates noise at GSA headquarters at 1800 F Street NW, Washington, D.C. Image © Gensler

How do you create a work environment that is quiet for individual focus work yet promotes collaboration?

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Exploring the Future of Work

Workplaces need to support the nonlinear workflow model prevalent in offices today. Photo courtesy of Gensler

This week, global workplace leader Janet Pogue will join fellow Gensler principal Jim Williamson and Roman Richey, managing director and head of global real estate for Corporate Executive Board (CEB), on a webinar to discuss how shifts in generations, work process, and real estate are changing the workplace landscape.

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Back to School: What Campuses Can Teach Us About Workplaces

Photos courtesy of Gensler

A hyper business climate, recession realities, and an increasingly global stage are only a few criteria affecting the ethos of the workplace.

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