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Why Shouldn’t We Feel Energised at the End of the Work Day?

Etsy’s New York headquarters. Image © Gensler.

Amongst the many questions included in the recent 2016 UK Workplace Survey was a seemingly innocent question asking respondents to what extent they agreed with the following statement: “At the end of a typical day in the office, I feel energised.”

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UK Workplace Survey 2016: The Science Behind the Data

How Design Drives Innovation, Image © Gensler

This post is part of a series of blog posts on Gensler’s 2016 Workplace Surveys.

Can we make UK office environments work better for everyone? The Gensler UK Workplace Survey 2016 (WPS) examined that question, in a national, online, panel-based study conducted using Gensler’s newly redesigned Workplace Performance Index® platform. Issued to 1,210 office workers, and distributed evenly across 11 industries in the UK, the latest edition of the survey is a continuation of our commitment as designer and consultants to understand how human experience is influenced by the built environment.

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Design Value Through the Lens of Big Data

Photo courtesy of Gensler

I have an unorthodox background for someone who works in the architecture and design industry. As a real estate analyst and statistician, one side pursuit over recent years has been using empirical analysis to obtain a better understanding of what has, up to this point, been widely understood but often hard to measure objectively: the business and economic value of great design.

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