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Design as an Innovation Super Power

Image © Gensler

An overused word and an underexplored practice.

The word innovation continues to get thrown around. For the past decade at least, innovation has been a catch-all for that special sauce that gets companies to act first on the newest technologies and market opportunities. It’s considered the key to yet another buzzword: disruption. With the rules of startup culture in mind, businesses from big pharma to evolving finance have treated innovation as something they should aspire to. We find that when organizations particularly tell us they want to innovate, they usually mean they want design to be the hero by transforming their space. At first, they believe that their teams of experts will find a magic bullet inside war rooms, creative labs and collaboration spaces. But therein lies the gap: the expectation that innovation only comes about as a result of the right kind of space when there is so much more to it.

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Neuroscience in Architecture

A demo of UC San Diego’s StarCAVE—a five-sided virtual reality room. Image courtesy of Flikr user Glenn Ricart.

Looking to Neuroscience for Solutions

With an ever-growing amount of data from various sources of research, the field of architecture is changing in response to a greater demand for solutions that will have meaningful effects on its occupants. Recently, there have been efforts to incorporate insights from the social sciences, such as behavioral and cognitive psychology, in order to better understand the impact that design has on the occupants’ actions, thoughts and feelings. It should come as no surprise then that designers recognize the potential of neuroscience to uncover how our brains perceive our surrounding environment and then elicit certain cognitive and physiological responses.

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Sustainability, Culture and Innovation in the Workplace

Image © Gensler

How can organizations reduce waste to make our world a better place? How can a growing company scale culture effectively? Can your office make you more innovative? Gensler has submitted the following panels to the workplace track for South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017, and we need your votes to get these panels on the lineup. Read, click, register, thumbs up. It’s that easy!

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Chance Encounters: The Winning Ticket to the Innovation Lottery? 

“Know your odds before placing an innovation bet. Image © Macaulay Campbell

Every organization seeks innovation in order to differentiate its products and services. But how do you engender more innovation?

One secret to more innovation, at least according to popular press articles and a number of blog musings, is "chance encounters." Chance encounters are those occasions when people who have no scripted reason to be with one another--they may not even know one another--nevertheless find themselves together and end up serendipitously co-creating the Next Big Thing.

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Broadening My Horizons at TED2011

At a talk in San Francisco decades ago, Herbert Muschamp, the famed New York Times architecture critic, said that architects have a responsibility to provide the connective tissue for societies. I agree.

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