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Design: A Conduit for Learning and Innovation

Image © Gensler

We are in an era of unprecedented volume of information, but information is of little value until it is distilled into useful, applicable knowledge. Distilling that information deluge takes a mindset focused on learning and exploration. Given this challenge, and the number of distractions and interruptions that occur in both the virtual and the physical work environment, we have recognized the need to consider new models of working and experimenting that more effectively support learning and knowledge transfer.

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Five Thoughts on the Future of Scientific Labs  

Scientific research is increasingly focusing on data collection and analytical analysis of that data, meaning the "lab of the future" will more closely resemble contemporary tech spaces. Image © Gensler

In recent years, the scientific community and affiliated professions have toyed with the idea of creating a “lab of the future.” Vendors, research organizations, and engineering and design firms have all begun to explore how contemporary scientists work within research environments and how the physical layout of labs can better support their endeavors. This process has been driven by a desire to foster more effective collaboration among scientists, increase the number of new ideas entering the pipeline, and allow for more flexibility over the life cycle of a research facility.

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