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Discovering the Power of Words

Just as words have the power to convey a message, the design of a given space does, too.

I have always been a great fan of words and the power they can contain, the subtlety and nuance between two synonyms and the meanings either one can connote. I love how particular combinations of words can express a particular emotion, unfold a particular narrative or reveal a hidden secret.

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Speak Easy: Hospitality’s Influence on Workplace

Image © Gensler

As experienced designers in workplace and hospitality design, we’ve seen industry trends come and go. But hospitality in the workplace is one trend that cannot be ignored. In the workplace and hotels, the design is constantly shifting in order to meet client, employee and user expectations. This shift is occurring with some aspects of hospitality design permeating into the workplace and features of the workplace visible in segments of the hospitality market.

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