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Media’s Adaptive Shift: Converged Environments

The Washington Post's nerve center. Image © Garrett Rowland.

Although the term newsroom is still embraced by the media industry, it’s slowly being replaced by the converged environment, and the shift is as much about space as it is about linguistics.

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Five Newsroom Design Concepts Every Office Should Steal

Take a lesson from the design of a productive newsroom environment. Image © Gensler

Go to Fox News, CNN or any other newsroom and you will see lots of activity. People across functions working together to make split-second decisions. The image of the lively, sometimes hectic newsroom may sound off-putting, but there’s actually a lot that can be learned from this project type. Apply these five design ideas to make your workplace a content-producing powerhouse.

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Turning the Page: Publishers Embrace Open Workspaces and Define a New Era

Image © Hachette New York (C) Kevin Chu + Jessica Paul LLC.

It’s no secret that publishing is undergoing a transition of a magnitude not seen since the days of Guttenberg. Technological upheaval caused by the rise of digital media has impacted the publishing business in profound ways. And this has forced publishing companies to dramatically modify their daily routines. Today, cross-functional teams, impromptu meetings, and lively strategy sessions are part of the daily routine, along with the quiet contemplative work style this industry has previously been known for.

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Boosting STEM Education with Gaming (and Design)

At the Playmaker School in Santa Monica, Calif., design complements the use of video games and other creative approaches to learning STEM. Image © Ryan Gobuty.

The chorus of voices championing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education grows louder by the day. And rightly so. Of the 34 countries that took the most recent Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) test, the U.S. placed 21st in science and 26th in math. Not the kind of results we’ve come to expect from our students.

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Project Spotlight: WAMU and the Future of Radio

Image © Alan Karchmer

People often forget that radio helped create the mass media saturated world in which we now live.

Before cable television streamed content 24/7 and the Internet gave us the power to maintain constant contact with friends and colleagues, it was radio frequencies that disseminated information and connected people separated by significant geographic boundaries. Today, radio is just one of many forms of mass media available, but it remains an indispensable component of everyday life (imagine driving in your car in utter silence). Yet radio is not immune to the profound disruption taking place within the media industry today. It’s a medium that’s evolving to meet the demands of 21st century consumers.

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