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You Are Considered a Consumer, Even at Work

Image courtesy Josh Rose

We are all consumers. We are increasingly living in an economy driven by the consumption of experiences, even at work. Purpose is the new convenience. Innovation is now driven by the pursuit of a better world. To appeal to emerging generations entering the workforce and yielding increased purchasing power, companies are recognizing that it’s no longer enough to offer an attractive benefits package or compelling offer; they have to be inspiring as well.

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Corporate Campuses of the Future: Organizations Embrace the Urban Ethos 

Partners HealthCare is planning to locate a new corporate campus in Boston's Assembly Row neighborhood. Image © Gensler

With more large-scale corporate organizations thinking strategically about their futures, there’s been a growing recognition that workplaces need to provide all the things current and future employees both want and need. The generation of workers now on the cusp of retirement has always been accustomed to working at a single company for decades, if not for an entire career. Many of these workers also moved their families from the urban cores of larger cities to the suburbs, where the companies that employed them built sprawling corporate campuses to attract the new suburban class. That trend has reversed itself; today, from California to Cambridge, a new class of urbane workers is seeking a city-centric existence.

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Millennials Define the Creative Workspace

Facebook's new headquarters in Palo Alto exemplifies a workplace designed to harness Millennials' creativity. Image © Jasper Sanidad

In a recent article published in the Viewpoints, a publication of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers, I argue that the current workspace is no longer ruled by a certain type of company or by the desire to set-up shop at a particular location. Instead the Millennial generation is predominantly shaping how we work and how companies interact with their employees.

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